Automated warehouse for boxes means top productivity at Project


Project, a French industrial parts maker, will automate operations in its distribution centre in Vendôme (France) by installing a new automated miniload warehouse from Mecalux. A storage capacity of more than 3,000 boxes, each weighing a maximum of 50 kg, is what this solution will provide.

The mechanized parts of Project will be housed in a new automated warehouse for boxes of 35 m in length


The warehouse will consist of a single aisle with double-depth racks on each side of the 35 m long, 5 m high aisle, divided into 12 levels. A miniload stacker crane will manage the inputs and outputs of the goods.

Project will house two different box models, namely: 400 x 600 x 240 mm and 400 x 600 x 320 mm ones. The smallest boxes will be kept on the lower rack levels, while the largest ones will go above.

A reception station and another for dispatches will be enabled at one end of the racks. One side of the warehouse will feature two picking stations where orders are going to be prepared as per the 'products-to-person' principle, i.e., the stacker crane provides operators with the goods to assemble each order automatically. The picking stations are set up right next to 24 live channels for picking of low rotation products, as well as outflowing empty boxes.


About Project



Founded in 1990, Project is a French company that manufactures mechanised parts that can include either electric or electronic capabilities. Its products are used throughout all sorts of industrial sectors, such as aeronautics, aerospace, power, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, food-processing, etc.