Brasserie de Vézelay will automate the management of it warehouse in France


Brasserie de Vézelay will open a new distribution centre in Saint-Père (France) where it will warehouse its artisanal beers. The solution will include the Easy WMS warehouse management system to maximise this warehouse’s productivity.

Artisanal beer warehouse of Brasserie de Vézelay in France

Raw materials needed for daily production will be stored in the company’s distribution centre, as well as finished products ready to be sent to customers. The WMS will take charge of coordinating inputs and outputs, also guaranteeing that operators move the goods to production whenever it might be necessary.

Easy WMS will run all warehouse operations: assigning a location to each pallet depending on its rotation, ordering pallet slotting and extraction, and will arrange pick tasks and any eventual dispatches. To do so, the WMS must be in constant communication with Brasserie de Vézelay’s ERP (called EBP).

Marylène Trouillot - Administrative project manager
“We chose Mecalux because we wanted a WMS that would exchange information with our EBP sale management tool and fulfil our business requirements. We optimised our warehouse’s storage, plus our reception and dispatch process.”

Quality artisanal beer

The Brasserie de Vézelay produces craft beers using traditional brewing methods. Consequently, the beers have no added sugar or other additives. As excellent quality beers, they preserve all the flavours of the malt and hops. The company’s drinks have won 8 World Beer Awards, 12 in the Concours Général Agricole and a prize in the France Beer Challenge contest.