Value-Added Services (VAS)

Value-Added Services (VAS)

Software for businesses with customised order picking and dispatch operations: agility, efficiency and elimination of errors during processing

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Automating product personalisation

The Value-Added Services (VAS) module facilitates product personalisation to drive customer satisfaction. The software sends operators step-by-step instructions on how to customise items and eliminate errors resulting from manual management.

Value-added services are performed on a product to enhance its value, improve its functionality or increase its usefulness. With VAS, companies can automate their customers’ personalisation requests to ensure on-time deliveries.


  • Automation of product customisation.
  • Maximum agility in VAS operations.
  • End-to-end visibility of all item personalisation processes.
  • Elimination of errors in the personalisation phase.
  • Monitoring of task completion time (Labor Management System functionality).

Software for businesses with customised order picking and dispatch operations

Cost-effective order picking and dispatch

The increasing demand for order customisation in the warehouse has forced companies to incorporate value-added workstations to offer agile, error-free service during the order picking and dispatch stages.

Industries such as the e-commerce and automotive sectors require systematised product customisation. This guides operators step-by-step as they carry out value-added work orders, avoiding errors. Examples of VAS tasks include garment hanging, printing/screen printing on fabrics, labelling and customised packaging, among others.

Easy WMS’s Value-Added Services module ensures agile, efficient and error-free personalisation processes

How does Mecalux’s VAS module work?

It guides operators as they complete tasks for value-added work orders. The operator receives detailed instructions on each task to be carried out. After performing the action, the worker indicates to Easy WMS that the process is finished, and the product moves to the next warehouse operation or VAS station.

In addition to streamlining customisation during order picking, this functionality allows you to personalise other warehouse processes: goods receipt, assembly, packaging and labelling.

Value-added services can be done at VAS stations or during the performance of different processes or tasks. In the case of the latter, these services are simple activities that do not require special space or equipment.


Value-Added Services (VAS)

Value-Added Services (VAS)

Automating product personalisation

Easy WMS

Easy WMS

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