Clinical Nutrition's dietary nutrition products warehouse in Barcelona

27 Nov 2019

Clinical Nutrition, a Spanish producer and distributor of dietetic, sport and healthcare nutritional products, will manage all in-warehouse operations in Argentona (only 30 km from Barcelona) using the Easy WMS, Mecalux's warehouse management system.

The WMS assigns a slot to each item based on the SKU

Operators, riding trilateral forklifts, will deposit the goods in their corresponding locations following Easy WMS instructions. The WMS assigns a slot to each item based on the SKU it corresponds to and its level of demand.

Additionally, the company is also going to deploy Supply Chain Analytics, an extension of the Easy WMS to provide data on the warehouse’s core activities. With this information, Clinical Nutrition can introduce improvements that increase its installation’s productivity.

Xavier Heras Guilera - Logistics Manager at Clinical Nutrition
“Easy WMS from Mecalux will help us improve our supply chain, ensure stock levels and control traceability and in-house processes. The new warehouse, which we are please to say opens in 2020, means we can keep on growing.”

About Clinical Nutrition

Since its inception in 1981, Clinical Nutrition is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dietetic, sport and in-patient related nutritive products. Marketed in Spain and in more than 10 European countries, all its items are manufactured at its facilities in Argentona (Barcelona) with top quality raw materials and strict safety compliance.