Salicru modernises and digitises its electronics equipment warehouse

18 Oct 2019

Salicru, an electronics equipment manufacturer, has chosen to transform its company and use business intelligence technologies to optimise the performance of its warehouse in Barcelona (Spain).

For this purpose, Mecalux will roll out the Easy WMS warehouse management system, responsible for managing all the centre's operations. This WMS will easily adapt to changing business needs, new processes and increased demand and sales.

Mecalux will also deploy three modules that will extend Easy WMS's functionalities: Multi Carrier Shipping, for detailed tracking of shipments; Supply Chain Analytics, for analysing data to ascertain warehouse statuses and identify areas for improvement; and finally, Easy Assistant, used to adjust the WMS configuration to changes in the warehouse.

Mecalux's Easy WMS and three software modules for Salicru's logistics in Barcelona

Energy availability

Salicru is a Spanish manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Its electrical power equipment guarantees a continuous, reliable, quality electrical supply. Since 1965, its solutions have been used in homes, offices, shops, as well as in large corporations and public administrations. An entrepreneurial spirit and the company's internationalisation strategy have enabled Salicru to be present in more than 50 countries and have branches in France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Hungary, China and Mexico.