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WMS for e-commerce

WMS for e-commerce is the solution that guarantees the scalability of your online business, while also optimising and reducing your omnichannel logistics costs

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Efficient omnichannel logistics

An e-commerce warehouse must streamline all logistical processes to meet consumer expectations. Mecalux has developed a WMS that optimises the logistics of online shops, whatever their size, number of daily orders or storage capacity.

Challenges for smart e-commerce warehouse management

  • Large numbers of SKUs
  • Unstocked warehouse SKUs
  • High order volumes
  • Low-unit orders
  • Omnichannel shopping
  • Fast deliveries
  • Multiple delivery modes
  • Seasonal sales

What e-commerce advantages does the WMS provide?

  • Efficient picking. Simplifies workflows
  • More speed. Improves order picking times
  • Error elimination. Prevents errors during order fulfilment
  • High profitability. Guarantees a fast ROI
  • Flexibility and scalability Grows with your business and adapts to in-house changes

How does a WMS for e-commerce work?

  • Reception. Operators identify products as they arrive at the warehouse. The system sorts and bundles them into groups from the list of open customer orders:
    - Single-unit orders.
    - Multi-unit orders.
    - Items to store.
  • Storage. Items that must be stored are assigned a location in the racks.
  • Picking. The system manages order fulfilment as per the assigned group.
    Single-unit orders (cross-docking): items that comprise single-unit orders are moved directly to the packing and dispatch area.
    Multi-unit orders: products are sent to a just-in-time order prep area. The system triggers the tasks required to complete the order.
  • Packaging. The order is packed and the Multi Carrier Shipping module identifies it with a carrier-specific label.
  • Dispatch. The system reports that the order is finalised and ready for distribution and delivery. Simultaneously, it provides the customer with an online tracking number.


  • Backed by a solid company with more than 50 years of experience.

  • More than 200 engineers work exclusively on developing software solutions.

  • Mecalux adapts to your company’s needs and objectives.

  • Continuous software development and updates, thanks to substantial investments in R&D.