A SaaS WMS is a warehouse management system stored on servers external to the company

SaaS WMS from Mecalux: warehouse management in the cloud

14 Sep 2021

A SaaS WMS such as Easy WMS from Mecalux is a warehouse management system that employs cloud computing technology. That is, the execution and storage of the program data are transferred to external servers. 

The cloud version of Easy WMS enables users to connect from any workstation without worrying about maintenance and periodic system updates. Below, we explain the benefits of implementing the Mecalux SaaS warehouse management system.

What’s a SaaS WMS? 

First of all, SaaS stands for software as a service. So, a SaaS WMS is a warehouse management system deployed in the cloud and maintained by the provider company. Easy WMS, the WMS from Mecalux, is available in this mode. Thus, its installation is much simpler for the customer and its cost more affordable, as it’s paid for by means of regular fees.

With a SaaS WMS, the user can securely access the warehouse management system from any computer or terminal with an internet connection. This way, there’s no need to invest in the infrastructure required for storing the WMS on the company’s own server (nor does the company have to be concerned about maintenance). With the SaaS option for Easy WMS, Mecalux is responsible for managing the servers that house the software and for configuring the workstations, RF scanners, and other devices connected to the system. Additionally, the WMS will automatically receive the latest updates.

As for its functionalities, Easy WMS in the cloud is charged with performing the tasks of an advanced warehouse management system: it coordinates all processes in the warehouse (or other company facilities), optimising resources and automating the most complex tasks. This includes programming the movements of the automated systems, designing the most efficient pick paths, and controlling locations in the warehouse.

Easy WMS in SaaS mode features an intuitive, user-friendly interface
Easy WMS in SaaS mode features an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Reasons for choosing Easy WMS in SaaS mode

One of the main advantages of Easy WMS in the software as a service modality is that the interface and functionalities are the same as those in the on-premise version (programs located in the company’s servers); however, you’re not burdened with the additional cost of storing all the information on your organisation’s servers.

These are the 4 main reasons for deploying Easy WMS as a SaaS solution:

  • Lower initial investment: the payment model for Easy WMS in the cloud is subscription-based, as opposed to the on-premise option. With on-premise, from day one, the customer has to bear the cost of the hardware used to store the WMS, of the various terminals, of the software maintenance, and of the perpetual licenses.
  • Implementation time: with the software as a service modality, it’s not necessary for Mecalux to go to the customer’s facility to configure the servers that will store the warehouse management system. This significantly reduces the time it takes to deploy such an app.
  • Scalable modality: Easy WMS in the cloud is ideal for companies with high product seasonality. While the on-premise version requires a permanent number of licenses to access the software, the SaaS mode allows a variable number of licenses, giving the customer greater flexibility. The customer can adapt its Easy WMS licenses according to the volume of product demand, the number of operators in each warehouse, and specific market needs, among other criteria. 
  • Maintenance: the SaaS modality puts the logistics provider in charge of any maintenance and security processes that have to be carried out on the WMS. This means the customer doesn’t require an IT team responsible for backups and data integrity. Mecalux also provides the customer with the most recent software updates.

Nevertheless, there is one drawback to take into account with the SaaS modality compared to the on-premise option: the customer must have a low-latency internet connection at all times as well as enough bandwidth on each device using the software.

A WMS such as Easy WMS gives operators step-by-step instructions to perform picking optimally and efficiently
A WMS such as Easy WMS gives operators step-by-step instructions to perform picking optimally and efficiently

Easy WMS projects in SaaS mode

More and more companies are choosing SaaS apps for their many benefits. In fact, a study from consulting firm Better Cloud indicates that over 80% of businesses expect most of their software needs to be covered by SaaS solutions by 2022. Here are three examples of companies that relied on Easy WMS to manage their warehouses in the software as a service mode:

Multinational machine tool company Yamazen needed a warehouse management system at its logistics centre in Elk Grove Village, IL, that would guarantee effective control of its stock movements. This would be virtually impossible without powerful software to coordinate product inflows and outflows in the facility. Yamazen implemented Easy WMS in the SaaS mode, enabling operators to access the program interface from any internet-connected device and leaving the maintenance and security tasks in the hands of Mecalux. “Eliminating server maintenance tasks is a huge advantage for our IT team,” says James Hansen, Executive Vice President at Yamazen.

That was the reason why French firm SurDiscount also opted for the SaaS version of Easy WMS: “Our XL Soft ERP operates in SaaS mode, so it was clear to us that the WMS should do so as well. With this functionality, we don’t have to worry about managing the server and can concentrate on our main activity,” says Anthony Le Fur, Manager at SurDiscount.

The cloud modality allows the operators to coordinate the different logistics operations in companies with a multi-location inventory management structure. This is precisely the case of logistics provider Casintra, which deployed Easy WMS in its SaaS modality to sync tasks across its warehouses in Asturias and Catalonia, Spain. Likewise, thanks to this software, the 3PL controls its stock in real time: “To know the status of their inventory, customers access Easy WMS with a password,” says Javier García, Operations Manager at Casintra.


Easy WMS in SaaS mode: scalability and security for your warehouse

Easy WMS is available in both the software as a service version and the on-premise model, whereby the program is stored on the customer’s servers. The cloud option is the best solution for being equipped with a flexible and scalable warehouse management system: the customer accesses the web application interface by means of regular fees based on the number of licenses required at any given time. 

With this option, customers can considerably reduce their initial investment, not to mention the time spent on implementing the software in the facility. For more info on our WMS, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our expert consultants will provide you with the best solution for your company.

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