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  • Keys to flexible logistics

    Keys to flexible logistics

    23 Sep 2022

    Flexible logistics is the ability of a company to adapt its logistics operations and processes to changes and unforeseen events without causing serious damage to the company.

  • High-bay warehouse: what is it?

    High-bay warehouse: what is it?

    15 Sep 2022

    A high-bay warehouse is a logistics facility where the storage systems reach a minimum height of approximately 40' and a maximum of over 130'.

  • What is ship-to-store?

    What is ship-to-store?

    06 Sep 2022

    With ship-to-store, suppliers send orders from their central warehouses or distribution centres to the physical stores closest to customers so that they can pick them up in a short window of time.

  • What is the logistics chain?

    What is the logistics chain?

    16 Aug 2022

    The logistics chain connects suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and end customers with the aim of minimising costs and ensuring the quality of the product or service.

  • OTIF: on-time, in-full order delivery

    OTIF: on-time, in-full order delivery

    09 Aug 2022

    OTIF is a supply chain KPI that assesses a supplier’s delivery processes, i.e., its ability to ship products in the quantities and by the deadline set with the customer.

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