Alumasa: Logistics 4.0 for future growth


Alumasa, a company dedicated to the coating and manufacture of aluminium coils cast from recycled material, is building a clad-rack automated warehouse. This forms part of the new expansion of its plant in Badajoz, Spain, where it produces 40,000 tonnes of raw and coated aluminium every year. Managed by Easy WMS, the warehouse will be automatically connected to the coating lines.

The new automated Alumasa warehouse managed by Easy WMS software

To connect the warehouse with the coating plant, two 5-metre-high bridges will be built on the side of the warehouse, while automatic conveyors will be installed inside it to transport the paint drums. With capacity for 4,856 pallets, the new clad-rack facility will have a single aisle just under 100 m long. An automated stacker crane will operate in it, moving pallets weighing up to 1,200 kg. Pallet entries and exits will be carried out at the front of the facility.

Easy WMS will manage product locations and movement flows based on demand. The software will ensure that paint is supplied to each coating line at the right time.

This new warehouse will enable Alumasa to speed up logistics operations in its coating plant and to enhance its supply chain as a whole. And it will do this while maintaining the necessary conditions to provide quality products that satisfy its end customers.

We have two main aims with the construction of this automated warehouse. On the one hand, to optimise the movement and storage of raw material, cutting goods transit times and minimising the use of forklifts. On the other, we want to improve warehouse management to control stock in real time, shorten manufacturing times and respond quickly to customers’ needs.

Alumasa Representative

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Dedicated to aluminium coil coating since 2000, Alumasa has experienced meteoric growth since it was founded. The company’s colour chart consists of more than 1,000 SKUs, and it incorporates new shades as requested by customers.