Global solution for e-commerce Global freaks

Mecalux has delivered with a comprehensive solution consisting of picking shelves and the Easy WMS warehouse management system (WMS), along with three supplementary modules.

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The era of digitisation has led to the rise and consolidation of e-commerce, completely transforming companies’ supply chains.

Global Freaks is an e-commerce retailer based in Igualada, Barcelona, specialising in manga and anime action figures such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto, among others.


Daniel Vizcarra / Manager, Global Freaks
I’m Daniel Vizcarra, manager of Global Freaks since 2016. We started out with a 60-square-metre warehouse with a few racks, a small amount of product, a table, a computer and little else.
We managed 10 to 20 orders a day at most, and then we began to expand our warehouse and staff. Currently, we have a 2,000-square-metre facility and 10 employees in total.
Between 2018 and 2019, we experienced growth beyond our expectations and began running into problems due to stockouts, order mistakes, increased SKUs and so on. At that time, everything was done manually; we didn’t have a computer tool to help us. That’s when we turned to Mecalux. We consulted several software providers, but none of them met our needs. We needed something more customised.
Mecalux agreed to integrate the 3 marketplaces in which we were operating at that time: Amazon, eBay and our own website with PrestaShop.


Mecalux provided us with an all-in-one solution consisting of picking shelves, putwalls for e-commerce, and the Easy WMS warehouse management system.

The Easy WMS solution installed in the Global Freaks warehouse includes three modules:

  • Marketplaces centralises the 3 e-commerce platforms;
  • WMS for Ecommerce manages both single- and multi-unit orders;
  • and Multi Carrier Shipping Software takes care of order packaging, labelling, and dispatch.

The connection established by the Marketplaces module syncs warehouse stock with the ecommerce platforms in a single panel, providing detailed and updated information on the available stock and orders placed by customers.

The WMS for Ecommerce module reduces order picking times and facilitates the work of the operators.


Daniel Vizcarra / Manager, Global Freaks
Since we’ve had Easy WMS, our day-to-day operations are very simple. Every morning, we receive the orders we need to prepare. These can be single- or multi-unit. The orders are transferred directly to the operators’ RF scanners. Each worker takes a cart and a scanner, selects an order to prepare and begins picking.
There are two types of orders. Single-unit orders are directly packaged, since they only contain one item. The operator scans the barcode on the cart and on the item and then packages the product. While the shipping label is being generated, the operator seals the package and brings it to the dock where it will be dispatched.
For multi-unit orders, once they are finished picking, the operators remove the items from the carts and group them by order. The operators read the barcodes on the carts and on the products, and the system tells them which order they belong to. Once this process is completed, they can begin packaging the items.


Multi Carrier Shipping Software simplifies and streamlines the order packaging and labelling processes, meeting the standards and requirements of the transport agencies with which Global Freaks works.

Order dispatch is the last operation that takes place in the Global Freaks warehouse. As such, it needs to be properly planned and organised.


Daniel Vizcarra / Manager, Global Freaks
The results have been optimal: with the same staff, we can handle twice as many orders as before. We’ve streamlined picking because before, we would prepare one order after the other, and now, we prepare many at once through grouping.


Easy WMS from Mecalux is virtually never wrong. The only mistakes we’ve seen were because we entered the incorrect product ID, EAN code or product quantity. Errors have been brought down to practically zero; we’ve gained a lot in that respect.

Among the advantages of Easy WMS, I’d stress the number of orders processed every day and the near elimination of stockouts and of mistakes in order picking.